Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shahid's back on the sandwiches

Today it is a curry sandwich. He also brings in a hrad boiled egg.

Last night, despite the stomach ailment and the general lingering lurgy and in spite of the kids, was an evening of sweetness and light spent with the missus . Thom is bored that he's been away form nursery (or School as we like to call it) for nearly 2 weeks because of the pox and half term. Nezek is the Hebrew word for damage or destruction. And Madame Gal is becoming a master in the art. Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe. I don't care if your carpet cost £1,500,000 - it ain't going to stop her.

Anyhow, the missus and I are escaping tonight to the theatre. The first time we have been away together for.... err...... er, a long time. Going to the Barbican to see Robert Lepage - should be fab.

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