Thursday, February 16, 2006

Heaven and Hell

The week of hell is over, I hope. The lurgy is passing slowly - I now just have a stomach complaint of gripey blocked nature (its karmic retribution for the stickle brick incident) and a chest infection with sore throat and head aches. And so I am up at 1am unable to sleep, trying to bore myself to slumber by blogging.

The draft assignment was handed in and my tutor replied "I think you've made a great start". I like the "great", the "start" bit leads me to think there is some more writing to do. 3,500 words - haven't written that much in 20 years.

What I didn't tell you about the sticklebrick - flush - overflow situation was that it came as part of a package. I'd been off work for a day with this lurgy virus so was not really up to snuff. I was starting to get very twitchy about the assignment not having written a word. The loo was overflowing. The kids were on half term so no rest. The broadband was still down and no end was in sight. I took Thom to a kid very friendly gallery/cafe for a run around with a friend whilst me and her mum drank coffee and told each other our woes. It was clear that she didn't really want us to pop over afterwards, but the telephonic persuasion of the missus got us all going in that direction.

My friend is a dear friend and there is very little that I would not do for her. Her heart is in the right place and she has a lovely sense of humour. Her house, though, by her own admission mind, is not child friendly. This seems odd as she has a child. What was supposed to be a calming relaxing chill out for me turned into a tightrope of tension as my stress levels rose higher and higher as I was told of another very expensive object that the kids should not touch, not swing upon, not through blocks at.... it didn't that this child unfriendly abode had a new puppy as well. Gal, who was also present by now, was given a cup of Ribena - remember that Shark? - which promptly poured on the floor. "Oh my God! That's a £1500 carpet.!!" My stress exits through top of thermometer in spray of mercury and I become gibbering wreck wondering how much it would be to book myself into Priory and whether I could get sectioned under the NHS for free.

I manage to get it together enough to drive everyone home to await arrival of Mr Chong the plumber. He duly arrives with plumber's mate to take loo apart adnd unblock it. The fee - a lift to Tooting and then a lift home - cheap at the price, with the added bonus of some time away from the mayhem.


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