Monday, January 30, 2006

AMOC aftermath

My brain is aching like an unused muscle after a 1500m dash.

I didn't realise how tiring two days of thinking could be. I got home on Friday evening to find family plus Bethan and mum Sarah eating spaghetti bolognese in loud and messy form. Missus was remarkably supportive - I had worried that she might have crumbled under the strain of No.1 Son and the Galster. Granny C had "been an angel" the day before and Granpa J had come over to see grandchilds and celebrate a surprise birthday party. Thom had made a card and Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes, one of which received a candle. Thom was also able to present a bottle of Granpa Juice.

I reverted to my usual nocturnal habits - get to the third story with Thom and fall asleep myself, waking up at 1am in order to brush my teeth.

Saturday and Sunday were spent ranting at Wanadoo (or Wanadon't as I shall now call them) who in their attempt to "upgrade" our local network lost us our telephone line and broadband connection. The phone line came back after 4 days, the broadband is gone and won't be back for a while.

Its amazing, when you do a google, how many people have had similar problems with wanadoo. i now have the direct number of the Customer Relations Specialist and i will use it if I don't get satisfaction (which includes at least 1 month free).

So I have to do all my browsing and blogging at work - whilst trying to do some work and thinking about my first assignment

Produce a written account of what in your own assessment you have learned from you own experience. Consulting is a complex process and it is often not possible, or helpful to separate it out into discrete chunks. You are encouraged to "tell your development story" and to demonstrate a clear orientation towards reflexive praxis through the way that your represent your reflections.

We will look for evidence of your learning capabilities in these following three areas:
The application of your learning to consulting practice
Critical reference to appropriate theory
Increasing personal awareness through reflexive practice.

Oh Hell!


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