Friday, February 03, 2006

Swings and roundabouts

Controlled Crying and the management of sleep are big business in the baby and infant business. Not surprising since it is a constant focus of my life and blog.

No.2 small person is still waking up in the night, but less freqently and the courageous minsterings of her mother have meant the marital bed is returning to its dualist nature.

However, His No.1-ness has increased his nocturnal waking by a factor of +1. This has gone along with his discovery that milk is the elixir of life and will drop everything to have a glug of the white stuff.

Last night was one to forget, if only I could. The cold weather - not as bad as Berlin - does make the nocturnal facilitation of a small bladdered boy a frosty experience. The shock of cold tiles on sling flopped feet left me unable to sleep so I lay awake contemplating double loop learning models for application to a work group of over 120.

I gave up after an hour as it wasn't making me sleepy enough and went downstairs to chant only to find a notice on the living room door "There is a mouse in here". I applied spotlight to all hidden areas and not finding any rodent did gongyo and then returned to Middlesex which did get me off to sleep at about 4.30.

His No.1-ness then wandered in at 5.30 declaring it was morning and that he wanted more milk. I manage to string him along until about 6.10 and then we had to get up and battle the frost.

Reflecting upon the day before, I reminded him of my colleague Ray who came with me to his nursery to talk about Chinese New Year. Ray is partially sighted.

"Do remember Ray's white stick?"
"Do you know why he has it?"
"Ray can't see very well and it helps him"
"OooooH!. I thought he had one leg"

Life is sweet, but milk goes sour.


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