Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Losing it

Thom is getting better, thank goodness. He's been very brave not scratching the pox as they came up everywhere. They are dying down and drying out now.

I came home at 4 yesterday feeling very shivery and achy. The network had been down all day and it was impossible to do any work. The boss reckoned I was in shock having a had a near death moment courtesy of a white Ford deciding to turn left across a bus lane and my bike.

All the household was asleep catching up on the broken sleep so I settled down for a bit of TV. By 5 all were up again and we returned to the usual evening routine.

It being Monday, the missus was off out to a class and I put the pups to bed. It was a bit slow as I was feeling so shivery and the normal Monday night "all done and dusted by 8 with time to tidy up and then watch University Challenge before getting on with the buddhist stuff and some study" had to go by the by. Thom settled at 9.15.

A little bit of tidying up later and I was ready to do the B stuff. Thom appears all bright and happy and the evening is lost. Bang goes the B stuff, bang goes the reading, bang goes a start at the 3,000 word essay.

The missus got back about 11 by which time I was about to put my head through a wall in frustration. A late night, less sleep and more to do the next day. No internet connection at home, a lost day's work, a lost night's sleep, deadlines a plenty and a fail on this assignment would see me off the course owing £6,500.

I lost it...

... smashed plates, headbutted doors, dented pans.

Not nice, not funny - just more frustration than I can manage.


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ideally you need the pox too to give you lots of time off work to write essay ...just a thought x


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