Monday, February 06, 2006

A pox on ye...

No.1 son has chicken pox

and the weekend was spent at home with the non-working internet connection and the dodgy vhs machine. We had to get the very nice Mr Osborne from Osbonre Services (Lee Green - highly recommended) to come over and replug in the borrowed VHS, check it over and remind us to clean the heads by doing a fast forward - even if you have to do a few times it really does work.

Wanadon't are still playing extremely silly buggers - this weekend they hung up on me twice, gave me a dodgy telephone number to ring (which charged me 50p a minute), told me it would be fixed in 1 day and then told me it would be fixed in 5 working days. The latest assurance is 3-4 days. More anon - though I will be using some of the tactics that I found just by googling for other victims. Great for getting office numbers for the culprits.

The up side is that the missus who usually describes me as an english fish is now becoming extremly proud of my hour long rantings to Wanahaven't and says that I am becoming a Mediterranean beast. She purrs when she hears me threaten "all manner of things, I know not what" or when I recount tales of cyclist rage.

In the buddhist sense I am actually climbing up the Ten Worlds (not to be confused with Maslow's Heirarchy of needs. After 2004, the year of moving house and having a second child, I moved from the 3rd world of Animality (... fear) and have spent the rest of the time in Anger - a higher world. What with AMOC, I am hoping to jump over Humanity and Rapture (sad, I know but they are considered as lower worlds) to Learning.

Sleep suffice to say is at a premium. Thom was up 5 times last night and therefore so was I He's been really good about not scratching but is having an awful time of it. Despite his obvious illness, the missus has not allowed us (for I must be there to support my offspring) to lie on the sofa watching videos non-stop.


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

If it wasn't for Thom looks like you'd be heading to No.3!!
you animal.


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