Thursday, January 26, 2006


Not a sci-fi programme from the US that has recently landed on CHannel 5, but the acronym of the Ashirdge Masters in Organisational Consulting (Year 9) that I have justed started.

i am sitting inan empty "internet cafe" in a business school library in a former monastery in the middle of Hertfordshire after a very nice dinner of onion and goats cheese tart, venison and multiple puddings.

First night away from the family for months and months.

Much much much to think and about and reflect upon.

More and more and more anon as I start ot use the Blog as a way to list and record my thoughts as I embark on this reflective programme of hopefully improvement.

Fantastically interesting people (and a tutor who played a CD of John COltrane's Meditations during the first meeting!)

WOw. More anon!!!!


Blogger Catster said...

so, technically, the organisers could be said to be running amoc?! tee hee...


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

What's going on?
No one tells me anything.


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