Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shahid 2 - the sandwich returns

Shahid is now back with the sandwiches. There is a consistency in his cuisine as he is sticking with Tuna Mayo, a cheese croissant and a boiled egg. He is following the Rene Caryol series on BBC2 and cutting his spending down.

I have been cutting our spending at home to overcome the pending bankruptcy, poverty and general feeling that we can't afford the Tesco Value range. I used a site suggested by The Guardian to switch all our utilities and credit cards and phone line. Since then the phone line has gone down. That is thanks to our, to date, very good broadband suppliers who very kindly took over half of our local exchange in order to speed things up and in the course of this have f**ked up our phone and broadband.

Anyway my major coup this week has been to identify a source of home insulation - a skip outside our office - and nab, for free, 8 rolls of loft insulation, furthering the cause of recycling and keeping my money away from the DIY stores.

Tomorrow I go back to school. More anon


Blogger jazzshark said...

re. the shahid link - is shahid a transexual model or am i not following the plot correctly...?


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