Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I know that most of my bloggin concerns sleep - lack of, need for, distant memory of, nostalgia for... All my own fault though. Last night was a pub quiz night and after a memorable pancake dinner - the new pizza pancake (grated cheese, pesto, oregano and ketchup) worked very well for thom who is becoming very UK in his eating habits (we wait to take the marmite test with him, in trepidation) and Gal,. who'll try anything and will probably eat a bit of it - I escaped to the pub for a smoky few pints of Guinness and the joy of winning. A jet lagged well spoken Englishman from Hollywood (not an actor... well, not one we recognised) was sitting at our table and we co-opted him for the night. Well Celia did as he was sponge-worthy.
Despite not listening to him, we still won to bring the year's stats as follows: 9 Tuesdays - 2 unplaced, 5 seconds and 2 firsts.

Me and Celia are setting the quiz next week - I think a picture round of moustaches would be good.


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