Friday, January 13, 2006

Darkest before dawn

The lurgy is now behind us, though all in the family have a propensity to snoring that hints at adenoids, but the sleep patterns are now completely shot. Despite Tuesday night's pub quiz -Thom Daddy drinks daddy juice and get wibbly wobbly) [also is very weird], we came second a second week running which is consistent and provides 6 free drinks, and more importantly we beat our arch rivals Feeding the Ducks - when I managed to stay awake beyond 9 o'clock, each night has been a test of willpower to get beyond the third Thomas the Tank Engine story to the great Thom [listening to the radio in car as we got home from nursery there appeared Elliot Carter's Three Occasions For Orchestra: A Celebration Of 100 X 150 Notes - his first utterance was "That's spooky", then at the end "Its not scary really, Daddy. Its only music"] before I fall asleep on the big bed with the slightly disappointed Thom who wanted a fourth and fifth reading. Mademoiselle Gal's sleep pattern has gone out the window and she consequently wakes and screams at 3am most nights. Wednesday it took us nearly 2 hours to get her back to sleep properly.

So, the house is a mess, I've done no reading for the AMOC which starts in two weeks time, have not got through to the computer helpline to get them to put the DVD tray back in the DVD player - its great having kids, you can blame the damage from your own clumsiness upon them - not swept away all the gravel in the garden/backyard to make it cyclable for the intrepid Thom and birthday present, not fixed the broken leg on the dining room chair, not re-wired the video so that it actually works, not really lived much at all!

After a night awake (sleep patterns are shot to pieces, as I said) finishing the last 150 pages of The Little Friend and then starting Middlesex I was alerted this morning just before leaving for work by the phone. An 8 o'clock call is unknown in our household unless it is my mother wanting to ask me something which could wait until I have upheld the trust that my employers invest in me by turning up on time for work. I picked up the phone and was greeted by "hello, here is a song about rain" and there followed a Hebrew song about rain. At the end of it (about 3 minutes) I was able to confirm my sister in law of her complete insanity, speaking from experience of course. Though...

... at times like these I start to wonder in an RD Laing-ian way whether my own apparent insanity is actually normality


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

How odd. Middlesex is my next book.
£3 at Fopp?
How was The Little Friend?

Blogger jazzshark said...

middlesex rocks.


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