Sunday, October 23, 2005

And so not to bed

The difficulty of conducting this blogging whilst in possession and being possessed by a near one year old who is growing into her teens with alarming alacrity despite the lack of years is taking its toll. An evening which should allow the pleasures of ironing shirts whilst watching Match of the Day 2, having shared a bottle of wine with a friend and fellow child sufferer, and finding time to put in an hour's chanting not withstanding the reading of a summary of Philip J Streatfield's The Paradox of Control in Organisations has gone somewhat out the window as the Galster has only just deigned to bed down for the night.

The missus is out at the The Sitcom Trials in town and I am fending for myself.

Got a short but slightly facetious comment from the Jazzshark. So to round things up ...
... the boss didn't get the job. She's over it already. What they wanted was a puppy to do their bidding whilst the boss is not the small canine sort. I am disappointed as it would have given me a better chance of promotion and, if I am honest and in contrast to my buddhist principles, we would have been in a better position to do unto the others as they have been doing unto us and other staff for a while now. Revenge is not a healthy desire, and you need to be pretty sure of yourself that what you call justice is not just revenge done up in a cape and silly wig.

On the horizon though is a Masters degree. I am hoping to start one in Organisational Consultancy (don't yawn) at Ashridge Business School in the new year. The boss suggested it and is supporting me to get on with it. Plenty of reading to do and so I am trying to create the habit of some reading every evening (except Tuesdays for pub quiz, natch). I start off with a bit of buddhist stuff to put me in the mood (!?) and then crack into social construction theory = one of those deep theories that underlies everything so when you do a search on google you get "the social construction of lesbianism", the s.c. of technology" " the evolutionary naturalistic epistemology of Donald T. Campbell". I haven't been reading as much as I would have liked because of the Galster and also the glass of whiskey that quickly impairs my cognitive faculties.

Anyway I'm wondering a number of things at the moment.
1. when are catster and codename lizzy likely to update their blogs.? After the Jazzshark's comment I am keeping tabs.
2. what does Mrs N - see also Jazzshark - look like?


Blogger Catster said...

Apologies! Life got somewhat ahead of me this week, but update coming soon....!

Blogger purplemafling said...

Glad you are back.....making me laugh across the water here on the the pics!

Blogger codenameLizzy said...

Goodness, I'm sorry.
I've been doing unbloggable things.


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