Thursday, September 29, 2005

still up. Gave up on the idea of sleep and took the wooflette downstairs were she could wreck everything. 4.30 and two hours of calming had done nothing to get anyone, let alone the whole family, back to sleep. Started chanting (Nam myoho renge kyo - and within an hour little madame was yawning. The power of buddhism - if you can't convert them, bore them!

Its now 6am and London is waking up to one of its beautiful clear mornings as the sun stays on for a little longer in the UK. Who says global warming is all bad.
Its a wonder that museums don't use babies as part of their security systems. The tiniest change in the environment - sound, heat, touch, smell - and they are screaming. The littlest puppy, Galbobwooflette, is teething. The high cheek bones, slight chubbiness and minimal teeth make her look a bit like a toy troll, her being bit on the mad side as well. 2.30am we
have an awakening and despite the meaured and calm entreaties of yours truly to "let her calm herself down" the mother is insistent that we pick her up. Pick her up, calm her, put her down, back to bed... scream. Repeat until brain dead. Number one puppy, Thombobwoof, joins in the fun as he now can't sleep with all the noise.

Its a perfect burglar alarm. Cots in every gallery, monitored by cctv, specially trained midwife/security guards - large crewcut men with walkie talkies and baby monitors. Burglars would have to enlist lactating mothers as the alarm calmers. I'm sure it would help with post natal depression as well as bringing in some useful cash.

Friday, September 23, 2005

It seems to be virtually the only place to be. Everyone else is doing it - mainly in black, it seems unless your are the catster who has taken the whole flat sitting aspect of her domicile to heart and turned into a purple cat if not a purple shark