Wednesday, April 26, 2006

IT Training

What to do for 20-30 minutes whilst one's students are busily surfing away on the proscribed sites - BBC Webwise very good for learnign how to use the PC, V&A - very good for buying postcards and seeing Modernist things - until regulation tea time comes? Blog away.

The lack of bloggin - reflected in the lesser bloggings of the Cat, the Shark and the Laydee - might suggest a lack of life. Au contraire, life is full to bursting with change and uncertainty.

Today, I think, is Wednesday and I am at work, helping 20 members of staff understand selling membership, evacuating lifts, using computers and the latest exhibition on Modernism. All in an afternoon.

The family is still, I assume, in Tel Aviv, where the suns shines, the food is cheap and all the women are beautiful and all the men manly.

I have a bottle of red wine, some chilli and tomato sauce, some brie and some pasta for tonight.

THis much I know. The question is how do I know what I know - more anon


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

Is it anon yet?
jimbob come on!!!!! I miss your blogs


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