Saturday, October 15, 2005

Train track

My boss is experiencing most unpleasant behaviors at work - being evicted from her office on 3 occasions. She is also up for the job of running the HR for our mighty non governmental public body. Not surprisingly she is having a mixed time of it at present.

I shared this the thoughtful Mr Thom who immediately asked me to construct the following SMS for Special Auntie Ron (as she is sometimes known).."I have lots of train track in my room and she can have some if she wants).

The evidence is above.

There have been a couple of downpours recently that put one in mind of monsoon seasons past or even NYC at present (see the ever bloggable Water has been coming down the chimney so had to climb up and check the capping. Building advisors longtime-Chong(disconnected) advised a Chinese cap. Apparently this allows ventilation but not much fluid and keeps ones vents aerated. Not for the Dutch then? Thom the Builder manfully footed the rusty ladder as I climbed up on the roof, remembering Longton's advice "Don't forget Rod Hull". Realising I had left my XXXL glove puppet behind I retreated decided to explain to a worried wife and sister in law (whose presence is still evident) that nothing was wrong with water coming down the chimney. We were effectively capped and the minor water fall was no more than proof of the ventilationally appropriate building design.

Now to breakfast and a Saturday of tricycles ...

comments please - sharks included.


Blogger jazzshark said...

yay! about time!
shark x


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