Thursday, October 13, 2005

Clifford's message

Spent the early evening hours wiping surfaces and doing the dishes. Getting a bit house proud - along with a fear of deep water, == (though if you check down the page you'll find that people have "an irrabbitional fear" - is this something to do with the new Wallace and Gromit film? While we're on this stream my common-law step brother-in-law (you do the math) was art director on Chicken Run. I don't know if he worked on th Were-Rabbit. Tragedy about the fire in Bristol but interesting to note that at the last big cinema release there were news reports that Wallace and Gromit had gone missing in a New York yellow cab - is there a link? A particularly active PR person? === I have a horror of mucky hands. Not good when you have pre-school kids. Knackered from the industiral cleaning I had to do... mother and the sister in law must have an irrabbitonal fear of jey cloths. Went up to read to Thom and we both fell asleep. Woke at 1am, brushed teeth and went back to sleep till 6. Thom has been waking up about 7.15. Just in time for Pingu and Clifford the Big Red Dog while I sit and chant.
Clifford's message today is "take responsibility". Pingu was pretending to be ill. A one-one draw on the child brain washing front, methinks


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