Wednesday, October 12, 2005

mea culpa

I've been told off by a pedalling New Yorker to blog more. I feel I have to squeeze another aspect in to a life which if not busy is at least full of stuff. Also my doodlings and musings often tend towards the grumpiness that family life and work woes draw out of one. There are issues (how NYC!) at both - nothing earth shattering and why you, dear reader, should be interested in the slightest, I know not. A deep looming fear - sort of like the blue sea bit under a model boat in a glass case (more anon about my unnatural terror at the Victoria Deep Water Station) - is that all those who I love dearly yet kvetch ( about and those who I am not so keen on and would dearly love to see brought down a humane peg or two will, in some strange, yet possibly karmic, occurrence log in and read this. A light bulb would metaphorically switch on inside their head and my life would be spent trying to avoid them. Difficult if you are married to them.

What's the half-life of a blog? Will my kids be able to read it in 10 years time? Thom, number one pup at 3 and 3/4, finds his way round the internet like it was pre-programmed at the amniocentisis and has taught himself the hewbrew alphabet from an Israeli website. Number two pup, Gal, almost 1, seems to be developing the art of conducting.

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