Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sodding Saturdays...

... a pig of a day.

I finished the last blog at about 10.30am and had done so much already that I foolishly felt some kind of pride. Oh, how it comes before a fall!

A day of waiting whilst others decide what to do - didn't Lenin say something like life is what happens when you are making plans or maybe it was Burn the kulaks! - and then not much of it happens because it is usually too late.

Did manage to sit in the car on a red route (a London aberration that hinders traffic, gives ideas above their bus station to omnibus drivers and takes business away from traders on the high street) for an hour with my dozing daughter whilst the missus haggled over a broken chair leg with a trader in what John Lewis calls maharani furniture.

The rest of the day was traffic jams and check out queues whilst I chauffered and shopped.

I ache in places that I knew that I had because I ached in them the last time I was this ****ing tired. The washing is still to be done, the bed time circus is calling me to Roll Up when all I want to do is Curl Up with some music or chat on the radio to lull me to oblivion.


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