Tuesday, November 01, 2005

sleep deprivation

... apologies for the lack of blog (especially after my kindly rant at the catster and the laydee). The lack of sleep has caught up on me big time. Its not just a lack of hours (5 or 6 on average, instead of a healthy 7 or 8), but the broken nature. Imagine an early night, say 11pm, a bit of reading with the headphones on listening to Late Junction on Radio 3 and off to slumber by 11.15. 12am Gal wakes for a feed, 1am Madame comes to bed, 3am Thom "has the feeling of a wee wee", 4am Gal needs a feed. You get the picture. And there are no lie ins at the weekend - this is not a concept that has penetrated the mind of either the 3-nearly-4-year-old. And forget "Daylight Saving Time" - a bizarre concept that is only helpful to Scottish farmers - this is temporal virtuality that is beyond 48 months of being.

Apparently for every hours you lose from your regular sleep pattern you lose 5 points on your IQ until you make up the hour again. It accumulates as well so, on the basis that I have an average IQ of 100, I am currently in minus figures. This means that I am technically brain dead.


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

I could have told you that.

Blogger codenameLizzy said...

Missing you....

Blogger jazzshark said...

have you got a power cut or something?


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