Wednesday, December 14, 2005

new string old rope

My neighbour 2 down the hill (the closest neighbour runs the local DIY shop in Ladywell and sometimes allows me credit) is Paul Klee. He's off to Germany for the Christmas holidays and has asked me to babysit his line for him. Very easy to look after just take for a walk once a day

As it is bring a string week at work, I thought I take the line in on my bike to the office.
Already a bit of a disappointment for the line, as Shahid is not in today. But I explained that Shahid is not bringing sandwiches in at the moment, so the line wouldn't be missing anything.

Have been for our constitutional already - round the block taking in the delights of the Polish Cultural Club, the Royal Geographical Society and a large white Mormon church. It is quite difficult taking a line for walk. You constantly get stopped by passerbys hoping to find out how long is a piece of string - but, as I have to say, you can't really be accurate. Where does a line begin and where does it end? At which point the line usually trails off and the passerby leaves, feeling puzzled and slightly hard done by.

I did try once to drive across the US in a hire car with the desire of getting myself lostin the desert (probably around Arizona) and then finding my way out before it got scary. Things didn't quite work out that way I had to take the train to San Francisco. Now, out walking with a line, it is impossible to get lost as it has this habit of not catching up fromthe moment you leave and you just retrace your steps before the street cleaners come by ravelling up.


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