Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Frightening Christmas

I went into Harrods yesterday to look for some perfume for the missus. I thought I might have a look at the Toy Department as planning for those "Oh My God, haven't got anythign for the kids" Christmas Eve moment. It was horrifying - the sheer excess. I can see why parents feel bullied into buying more and more for their kids. Putting a child in that environment is akin to pumping them full of Coca Cola and giving them a credit card with no limit.

On Saturday, me and Thom went to a school Christmas Fayre. Trolling round the second hand stalls, we managed to find some great bargains - Toy Story for 50p and a brilliant Thomas the Tank engine poster for 10p. I saw a table stacked with Thomas toys and I expertly steered Thom away. The terror of a screaming demanding child in the midst of a packed hall, is not something I can bear for long. We fled outside.


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