Friday, December 02, 2005

lunch with Dad

it happened, it was fine. no bad news was imparted.

Dad has had a hearing aid for about 2 years now, without letting on to anyone - not that you would probably, not something you'd shout about really, unless of course the hearing aid wasn't working. Its a strange to see someone close to you whom you have known to be healthy and fit start to show concrete signs of deterioration. They are no longer perfect, they are no longer going to be there as you like them for the rest of time. Things change and its a bit scary.

I spent alot of time speaking up, not knowing whether to or not, whether he could hear me properly or not, whether he cared to listen or not. I asked him about it and he said he couldn't remember if he was wearing it or not (he wasn't it tourned out). And as he hasn't had it adjusted by the doctor since he got it, he thought he ought to get it done. It might help. Having siad which he is very happy as he has gone against all the reports from the BBC and got his freeview box to pick up channels down in Budleigh. He will be able to view Channel 5 for the first time since its launch.

Hasn't missed much.

We parted subverting one of those dad/son non-contact hugs, into a wave that was actually supposed to be an affectionate squeezing of hands. Quite touching really...


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